1. Grab a different Landsat image from this USGS site
  2. Double-click to zoom all the way in to an area of interest
  3. Choose an image from a certain date
  4. Click on the "Active Image Only" button
  5. Use the "Measure" button / location option to record the coordinates of the SW and NE corners
  6. Choose "Export Display" choosing WGS84 as the spatial reference and PNG as filetype
  7. Choose "Click on this link to view the exported image. (Image opens in a new window)"
  8. Right-click on the image and "Save Image as ..." in the code16 folder
  9. Link to this image with the name you selected and change the image bounds, and size of the map. The default name for the file is: "16_04_Landsat_Image.jpg"
  10. Change the size of the map.